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Oedsted Cup 2021

30. oktober 2021

Saturday, October 30th 2021 at 9:00 am to approximately at 17:00 (judges meet at 8:30 am)
Location: Brunmose Hallen, Mølkærparken 5, Ødsted, 7100 Vejle. (Food can be bought)

There is competition in 11 different disciplines which divided as good as possible in sex, grade, age, weight, height
Discipline 1 – Individual Poomse or Hyungs
Discipline 2 – Synchron Poomse or Hyungs (3 female or 3 male)
Discipline 3 – Mix Synchron Poomse or Hyungs (1 female og 1 male)
Discipline 4 – Han bon kireugi or Il Soo Sik Deh Ryun (2 participant together)
Discipline 5 – WTF Fight for children 5 to 14 years which are divided into age, weight and height.
Discipline 6 – Tang Soo Do Fight are divided into the age, weight and height.
Discipline 7 – Showbreak
Discipline 8 – Speedbreak
Discipline 9 – Weapon Hyungs Tang Soo Do / Karate
Disciplin 10 – Sword Hyungs Bon Kuk Kum
Disciplin 11 – Sword fight

Price in Euro:
1 Category = 18,- 2 Categorys = 24, 3 -Categorys = 31,- 4 Categorys = 38,- 5 Categorys = 44,-
6 Categorys = 51,- 7 Categorys = 58,- 8 Categorys = 64,- 9 Categorys = 71,- 10 Categorys = 78,-
11 Categorys = 84,-

Accommodation: from Friday. October 29. at 17:00 and costs 9, – Euro incl. breakfast.
Accommodation is in a Dojang so bring your own sleeping mat and sleeping bag.

Payment is made to ”Den Jyske Sparekasse” Reg. 9551 konto 0002198177. or on the day
Sign in: Before October 15. on

Contact: Kwan Jang Nim Erik Møbjerg Kristensen mobil +45 42398652

referees: We ask all the clubs involved to make they Dan carry available as a judges..
Judges must wear dobog.
There are judge meeting at the “Brunmose hallen” Saturday at 8:30

Rules for individual, synchronous, mix synchronous Hyungs.
In each category there are three round as follows
1. There are four judge in the ring, the lowest and highest score is taken away and the two score in-between added together and divided by 2 = score result
2. 1st Round you perform the Poomsae / Hyung the belt you wear
3. The second round is optional but max 2 Hyungs below the belt that you wear
4. 3rd round is only for those who reach the final. Winner is found by counting together points from all three rounds.
PS are you Orange Belt or 8th Gup you are allowed to go the same Poomsae / Hyung ( Kata / Tool all three times.
Are you the 7th Gup or more, you are not allowed to perform the same Poomsae / Hyung ( Kata / Tool more then one time.

You will be judged on the following criteria:
Correct Poomse / Hyung / Tool / Kata sequence (Figure)
Correct technique. Just as you have learned it at home from your master.
Flexibility and relaxation
Speed and rhythm control
Direction of movement
Spirit and attitude
Correct power on the technicians i.e. understanding of the Hyung / Kata, one’s technical performance
Precision of the movements
Correct Breathing control
Perfect ending. (That you should end up in the same spot you started the form)

Rules for synchronous, mix synchronous
Apart from the fact that you have to go synchronous, it is the same rules as with individual.

Rules Han bon kireugi / Il Soo Sik Deh Ryun
Han bon kireugi / Il Soo Sik Deh Ryun will be judged on efficiency, style and Show. Be aware that the style is free

Rules WTF fight (only for children)
There will be created groups, taking into account age, body type, belt degree etc.
The fight for 2 rounds of 1 min. It is parents who are judges for point along with real judges
Kicks and punches to the opponent’s head means that you have lost the battle
(For children 6-9 years, Medal to all)

Rules Tang Soo Do fight Semi Contacts with gloves (Adults and children can participate)
The fight in one round of 2 minutes.
In Tang Soo Do fight there are three judges on fight map (one of which is the main judge) there also two assistants (one to keep track of time and to keep track of points)
You are allowed to punch and kick the head (including children) but it must be controlled kicks and punches. This means that you have to beat as the opponent gets a red cheek not harder.
You are also allowed to block the opponents punches and kicks
Knock or kick you as the opponent begins to bleed, lose teeth, then you have lost and the opponent won.
Punch without pulling the arm return or kicking it without pulling the lower leg returned is no points. This means that it is more technical fight. One are also allow to block kicks and punches

1. Proper discipline and respect must be maintained at all times. Any disrespect or improper attitudes will constitute an immediate disqualification.
2. There will be 3 judges in each ring.
3. Match duration is 2 minutes or 5 points difference or the first that achieves 10 points.
4. When 2 minutes are passed and there is no winner the match goes on in sudden death. This means the first one who scores is the winner. All judges must see the scoring point!
Sparring gear are required for all

Illegal Techniques:
• Spinning hand techniques.
• Below the belt kicks or hand techniques.
• No Sweeping
• No grabbing

Also Not Allowed:
• Unsportsmanlike conduct such as “Showboating” (i.e. Jumping up and down, raising hand in air
• Cheering for oneself etc. when a point is scored or thought to be scored.
• Running out of the ring.
• Coaching from the sidelines from parents, instructors, etc.
• Arguing with judges.
• All of the above can result in a warning, loss of point or disqualification!
Point/Scoring System: 1 point techniques:
• Chung Dan Kwon Kong Kyuk
• Sang Dan Kwon Kong Kyuk
• Kap Kwon Kong Kyuk.
• Soo Do Chi Gi
• Yuk Soo Do Chi Gi
• Ahp Cha Gi
• Yup Cha Gi
• Dull Ryo Cha Gi.
• Bahl Deung Cha Gi
• Peet Cha Gi
• Ahneso Pakhu Ro Cha Gi
• Pahkeso Ahnu Ro Cha Gi
• Yup Hu Ri Gi
• Ne Ryo Cha Gi
2 point techniques: Spinning techniques to head or body
• Dwi Cha Gi
• Dwi Dull Ryo Cha Gi
• Dwi Pandal Cha Gi
• Jumping kicks or punch (non kicking leg must be knee level off the floor).
• Blocking and immediate counter technique

Rules Speedbreak.
There are several groups of level of difficulty of what is to be penetrated, but you can only join one group, what needs to be penetrated, it is estimated by age and physical body structure.
Mon 4-6 years Flamingo plates, Mon 6-9 Plastic plates. For Mon children’s Medal for everyone.
Children 9 – 12 years Plastic plates, Children 13 years – 14 years to 5 Kup blue and red plastic sheets, from 15 years and adults from 5 Kup (red and black belts) black plastic plates.

There are 4 breaking stations
The time starts when the start-stop line is passed
you run to the first station where you break with Ahneso Pahkuro Soo Do Kong Kyuck
Then you run to the second station where you break with Naeryo Chagi
After that, you run to the third station where you break with Ee Ahp Chagi
Thereafter, you run to the 4th station where you break with Baldeung Dull Ryo Chagi
Here after you returning to the start-stop line where time stopped when it is passed
Failure to break through the board determined that five seconds is add to the time, you can run back and penetrates the board the five seconds canceled

Rules Showbreak
Evaluation based on difficulty, if no successful penetration means you are out.

1. Materials for breaking will be special plastic breaking boards or wood.
2. Competitors must supply their own wood, breaking boards are available.
3. ONLY the competitors and their holders are allowed in the ring.
4. All adult competitors are limited to 3 breaks (stations).
5. all break must success.
6. Ties: Competitors will do one 1 break of their choosing, with one 1 board.
7. Separators are not allowed

All competitors under the age of 13 use identical breaking boards provided by the organization.
Size of the wood: For 13 yrs and above: 25 x 25 x 1,8cm Maximum wood size: 30 x 30cm
Wood breaking boards 30×30 can be purchased for 7 Euro each or there is plastic plate which is free of chargeNearest Airport:
Billund Airport 20 km. from Danish Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation. (cheap flights with Ryanair)
We can search for transport to / from Billund airport, all you must do is to mail arrival time to me.

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30. oktober 2021
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